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For iPhone & iPod touch (version 2.1)

The evils deserve no space!

This is a game about seizing the surface. Idea is quite simple but really addictive: capture surface by seizing it. You must isolate the evil(s) to seize the area.

Quick instructions: Select one or two evils. Select level. Game starts. Aim first! Tap top and bottom screens to get vertical aim. By tapping left or right borders you get horizontal aiming line. Double tap to start seizing and wish that any of the evils don't reach YOUR area! You can seize four times before the game ends, so do it efficiently!

Game includes local high score for each level. Also there is an online scoring service (needs network connection), you can submit your scores! See who has seized the most area and who has done it fastest!

"This game gives you maximal satisfaction and frustration at the same time. It's really addictive game. When you have decided to stop, there's still time for one more.. and one more.." (Comment by game reviewer)

"This is a really nice game" (Comment by girlfriend)

I hope you enjoy this game!

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