For iPhone & iPod touch

Would you like to play songs from piano sheet music on piano but don't know the notes? Or maybe you know the basics but want to practice playing sharp or flat notes? PianoNotes is just the app you have been looking for!

This is a really new way to learn playing piano. You don't have to learn note names and then learn their matching at the staff. PianoNotes makes you learn what physical piano key to play when you see a note! No transitions between keys and notes!

PianoNotes shows you a staff and randomly puts notes on it (based the settings you define). You must tap the correct piano keys to get next set of notes. Simple as that. Quickly you will learn the connection between notes and piano keys.

PianoNotes includes:

  • Scrollable and playable Piano keyboard
  • High quality sounds
  • Multitap playing
  • Visual feedback
  • Possibility to enable / disable hint mode: shows the keys you would need to play
  • Sharp and flat notes, or without! You decide!
  • Choose either Treble (G) and bass (F) clefs
  • Asks for 1 to 3 notes at time (depending on settings)
  • Simple statistics, try to keep the correct percentage high!

Take PianoNotes on the bus, train or wherever you have spare time. Use it daily and in weeks you're able to play melodies from piano sheet music!

Get PianoNotes from iTunes App Store.