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For iPhone & iPod touch (version 2.1)

Would you like to play songs on piano but don't know the chords? Or do you want grow your knoweledge on chords?

PianoChordy helps you on this. PianoChordy asks you to play certain chord on onscreen piano keyboard. When pressing correct key, you will hear the note played. When you finish the required chord, next chord is randomized for you! Also visual feedback is provided for correct and incorrect keys.

You can define what kind of chords you want to practice (minors, majors, flats, sharps, augmeneted and dimished chords). You can also enable hint-mode to see needed keys for chords.

PianoChordy includes total of 117 different chords, good quality piano sounds and a preferences panel. PianoChordy owners will get free instructions for piano chord playing! If you're new to playing piano chords, you can read really straightforward instructions to the theory behind piano chords from the programs webpage. Link to these instructions are included in application.

Take PianoChordy on the bus, train or wherever you have spare time. Use it daily and in weeks you're able to accompany pop songs with piano!

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For app buyers only: Quick instructions on how to play piano chords.